• The most promising project in 2017
  • 4.5 million users
  • Multiple mentions in the media
  • Users in 15 countries speaking 15 languages
  • User activity rates + 100% in one year
  • Platform (web + mobile)
  • A part of your motherland in Russia
Essentially, ZoomFar is a multi-functional platform that provides various services
4,7 million people
It is a multi-language project intended to respond to challenges facing migrants from neighboring countries in the Russian Federation and not only.
ZoomFar helps its users in the following areas
Real estate
Hobbies and recreation
Important messages
Trains and air tickets
Restaurants, clubs, tea houses
ZoomFar allows its users to find housing, jobs, goods and services in their native language.
Multiple diasporas in Russia exchange offers with the help of ZoomFar. 15 languages for migrants from 15 countries.
Interaction scheme Users/ZoomFar
Users exchange information through submitting/viewing ads in the selected category for a given territory (city/region).
Online platform capabilities
  • Communication with other users.
  • Transfer of funds to a user within a chat room using the linked card or otherwise link a card.
  • Encryption of the transferred funds using the blockchain technology.
  • Microloans (submission of a project to attract funds from other users online at interest).
Currently the number of ads has reached
2,0 million
Market of active users and growth potential
As of January 1, 2018, the number of users accounted for more than 4.7 million. The project works in 15 countries.
4 740 thousand people
ZoomFar platform comprises
OS: Linux Ubuntu Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript NodeJS framework: Symfony2
MVC architecture Retrofit for network request Reactive programming with RxJava Firebase Cloud Messaging programming for push notifications Socket.IO to implement the chat
Rest kit for network requests Socket.IO to implement the chat MVC architecture Firebase for push notifications
ZoomFar planning to run ICO

The start of 2018 has already been extremely eventful, with an unprecedented number of announcements about upcoming plans for high-tech companies to run initial coin offerings, or ICOs. On January 8th, TechCrunch reported to multiple sources that Telegram is going to develop its own blockchain platform and cryptocurrency by the end of February 2018. As outlined in the publication, the blockchain platform will be called the “Telegram Open Network” (TON), and its cryptocurrency is to be named “Gram.” The launch will be financed by the ICO. Telegram is planning to raise at least half a billion dollars through the pre-sale allocation.

Another new development is that ZoomFar, a well-known social network for national communities in the post-Soviet states, announced that it is going to fund the development of its project through an ICO.

The project owner, Mr Rostislav Eliseev, gave an exclusive interview to our edition: “We purchased the ZoomFar project last year, and we are very pleased with the dynamics of its development and market penetration. This spring, we’re planning to hold an ICO to raise additional capital for further development. We have already found the experts to provide coin supply, so now we are selecting the right platform. Our plan is to raise 30-40 million dollars.”

The ZoomFar project is currently developing a blockchain-based money transfer technology that will allow the social network to enter the multi-billion-dollar market of remittances and microloans. It’s worth remembering that the GDP of many countries of the former Soviet Union is augmented by the remittances of citizens working abroad. ICO is aimed at implementing and marketing this technology.

We believe that there will be high demand for ZoomFar coins during the ICO campaign, since the ZoomFar project is very diverse, it also functions as a platform to purchase goods and services, and a crowdfunding platform. The project has a wide client-base and a huge potential for development.

Reference: the ZoomFar project is a complex of 15 mobile applications for iOS and Android in 15 national languages for migrants from post-Soviet states, as well as a web service supporting the required languages. The application allows migrants of different ethnic groups to submit /view ads on a variety of topics and communicate using the built-in instant messenger. Also, ZoomFar functionality features the opportunity to raise funds for a project (similar to crowdfunding or microcredit) and transfer funds between users directly in the messenger. The total number of active users currently accounts for 1.5 to 2 million.

Analyst Chen Ji from the Fund for strategic analysis of the cryptocurrency market in Singapore: “We share the general opinion on the potential success of ZoomFar’s ICO. This project has everything: a growing market, successful constantly expanding technology stack, and an excellent team of analysts and developers.”

The project has been rapidly developing for over 5 years now. Initially launched as a start-up by Ukrainian developers, then purchased by a private investor from Russia, and then by an investment fund, which dramatically increased the size of the potential market of the project. The service has been technologically optimized and modernized. And now the new owner is planning to attract investment through the ICO campaign. Our editors will keep you up-to-date on the situation concerning the preparation of the project for pre-sale allocation.